Commercial Real Estate Energy Disclosure Laws

In recent years, an energy disclosure has become necessary for buyers of commercial buildings to adequately understand if they are buying an energy efficient or inefficient building. Energy ratings enable the market to asses a building’s energy performance and to identify buildings where energy costs are lower, thus creating a higher demand for efficient buildings. Once buyers, lessors and lenders understand the relative energy efficiency of buildings, they will then be able to take advantage of the various rebates/tax incentives that the government offers to efficient buildings.

Partner Energy’s Business Development Manager, Jason Mandler, recently hosted a webinar on Commercial Real Estate Energy Disclosure Laws. Feel free to take a look at his Commercial Real Estate Energy Disclosure presentation, ask questions, start a discussion and/or take a look at the rebates/tax incentives that the government is offering in order to make the Energy Disclosure Law transition as smooth/financially efficient as possible.

*Mr. Mandler will be hosting 2 more Green Real Estate/Energy Efficiency webinars (May 4th and June 1st. If you are interested in calling into one of these presentations, please RSVP to with your name, company, contact information and desired presentation date(s).  Prior to each webinar, you will be sent an email with a registration link that must be completed prior to each webinar.

WATTS Going On In The Energy Efficiency World?!!

This is a (work in progress) blog that Partner Energy has designed to act as a platform for discussing  engineering, construction, architecture and real estate as it relates to the energy efficiency world. Times and the environment are changing and energy efficiency/conservation has taken on prominence in the political, public and private sectors alike. In a serious attempt to reduce our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions, the federal government and individual states have begun to offer tax incentives/rebates (  for residencies, municipalities and businesses that incorporate Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) into their daily operations.

Whether you are a an engineer, architect, property owner or are just curious about WATT is going on in the energy efficiency world… please feel free to follow this blog, comment on the posts and/or suggest new topics for discussion.